Stream Tomorrow (Wednesday)

I’ll start the stream at 2pm Central time. If you wanna buy a sketch slot it’s:

$15 for a sketch
$25 for a colored sketch
$40 for a paintsketch

Drop a line if you’re interested. If I get more than three requests I’ll have to pick.

If I select you I’ll respond with a paypal address. Payment must be submitted before work begins.

More details once I get my ass home from work.

In the interest of rolling with the punches and keeping my eyes forward…
[ CHARACTER BIO: Thiira - EVINDRA ]    Name: Thiira Kellerman    Nicknames: None, though she was often called ‘Grumpel-butt’ in high school.    Gender: Female    Race: Human, Exile    Age: 26    Place of Birth: Cassus    Residence: A derelict ship crash surrounded by a rickety, hand-built hangar on a chunk of land bought from Protostar.  For money!    Occupation: Grease monkey.  Up until a few months ago she was a tank/warbot mechanic for the Dominion, but these days she spends her time working on smaller things, like guns.  She also occasionally dabbles in the creation of children’s toys.    Criminal Record: Up until her ultimate exit from the Dominion, she had a pretty clean record, as long as you don’t count the many fights she’d gotten into.  Now she’s branded as a traitor (though not of her own will) with a pretty little price tag tied to her head.    Drink | Smoke | Drugs: She drinks socially, smokes fairly often (though she tries to stick to an e-cig) and as far as drugs go, she’s never done any knowingly.
    ———————————-    [ PHYSICAL ]    Height/Weight: She stands at 5’8”, but her weight tends to fluctuate depending on her moods.  Typically she hovers around 210-220 pounds, but it’s been known to dip severely when she goes on a bout of not eating.    Hair colour: Dark brown, nearly black
    Eye colour: Aquamarine    Skin tone: Pale peach    Body type: Fairly curvy, though she’s thicker in the middle than she’d like.  Still, for all the hard work she does, there’s a lot of muscle underneath all of the padding.    Other: She tends to stay pretty quiet unless she’s directly addressed, at which point she has no qualms about mouthing off.  Some see it as a personality flaw.  To her, it’s a defense mechanism.    Health status: Pretty fit, at least physically.  She does have a nervous tic that causes her to crack her neck at inopportune times, however.    Scars: She has one prominent scar on her left cheek which runs from just beneath her eye to the side of her mouth.  She also has a series of three faint scars running across the small of her back.    Strengths: She’s a hard worker, dedicated to her craft and eager to experiment with technology.  She’s also got a fair bit of physical strength to her, making her a reasonably formidable opponent in a fight.    Weaknesses:  She’s cripplingly shy around new people, to the point where she may just plain ignore a stranger even if they’re simply trying to make small talk.  She also has a hard time with precise weaponry.  Scatter guns and cannons are her bread and butter, but give her a pistol or anything that requires finer aim, and more than likely her tic will throw her off.    ———————————-    [ RELATIONS ]    Parents: She left her father and mother back on Cassus.  She still has fond memories of her father, who basically instilled in her a love of working with her hands.  Her mother, however, had always been a social climber.  She constantly aimed higher than her station in life, leading her to ignore both husband and child in the pursuit of a slice of high society that she could never truly attain.  Thiira holds no shortage of contempt for her in this regard.    Siblings: None.    Children: None, and if things keep going for her as they currently are, there won’t be any in the cards for her.    Pets: Not unless bots count.    Affiliations: She has a loose affiliation with FCON.  She’s also been seen doing work for the Dusksail Marauders    Relationship status: It’s…complicated.    ———————————-    [ PERSONAL ]    Likes: Bots, guns, drinking, alone time.  She’s also developed something of an interest in Draken culture, despite her current situation.    Dislikes: Wildly positive people (which means most Aurin), crowds, social events, anyone talking about her weight.    Hates: Highborn Cassians, the Dominion military.    Fears: Feeling useless, dying alone.    Triggers: People directly poking fun at her body.  Nothing’ll send her into the fetal position faster.    Orientation: Straight as an arrow. HD
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Sorry for the huge knee-jerk there. I understand why NCSoft/Carbine is doing what they’re doing. Really, I do.

I guess the point after the merge is going to have to be trying to do my best to support the RP community as I can. I’m not pleased with the megaserver news by any…

Heh.  Frankly, this is one of the better reactions I’ve seen thrown about thus far.

Sorry for the huge knee-jerk there.  I understand why NCSoft/Carbine is doing what they’re doing.  Really, I do.

I guess the point after the merge is going to have to be trying to do my best to support the RP community as I can.  I’m not pleased with the megaserver news by any means, but if it’s a choice between playing the game or having no game to play at all, I guess I’ll take the megaserver.  Beyond that it’s doing what I can to make sure the community thrives.

I just see a lot of shouting and not much communication right now, and I admit I did a fair part of the former.  I’ve just got a lot of frustration in real life right now, and seeing turmoil in the one game I’ve taken to playing has me irritated.

So, sorry.




Q 11. What about RP Servers? Will they be merged as well?

Yes, all realms will become merged. We will however offer a region RP chat channel, similar to the FR and DE Chat Channels, so that RP activities can be kept seperate from the regular channels.


I’ve been in love with this game since I joined Beta.  But frankly, one of the biggest reasons I stuck around once Open started and the trolls started rolling in was because I knew there was an end to it and that we’d get an RP server in the end.

I don’t care that we get a special little channel for all our shenanigans.  (Just TRY and tell me that’s not going to be a troll magnet.)  What I remember is being uncomfortable RPing in public.  I remember trying to have fun with my friends in /say and /emote but having people I’d ignored still standing around and mocking me even though I wasn’t doing anything to ruin their good time.

I don’t care that most RP happens on housing plots.  I care that my being able to go out into the world and readily find other RPers is going to be severely hampered by this hamfisted decision.  I don’t want to sit and rot on my housing plot because I don’t exactly feel like being harassed in-game.  I came to WildStar to get away from that bullshit.

I KNOW the reason they intend to do this is to solve server population issues, but what’s right for the PvP/normal PvE set is not necessarily right for RPers.  They made themselves out to be big proponents of that community in the beginning, and this just feels like a big slap in the face.

On another note, I feel bad for Jeff because he had to follow up after such a fucking bombshell.  They really needed a whole Nexus Report devoted to this subject.  I haven’t been able to listen because I’ve been so fucking steamed for the last hour.

TL;DR: I’ll probably stick around for the time being, but I’m coming really close to voting with my wallet if this thing blows up in my face.


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Name: Amy

Nickname: Fusspot.  It has nothing to do with Coraline, contrary to popular opinion.

Birthday: October 12

Gender: Woman-thing.

Sexuality:  I like men, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to perpetual singlehood.

Height: Bigger than a breadbox.  (Much, much bigger.)

Time Zone: Central

What time and date is it there: 2 September, 2014 - 11:31

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Too many for my liking.

The last thing I Googled was: Mindy Lee

My most used phrase(s): “Fucking fuck”

First words that comes to mind: Butts.  Perpetually butts.

What I last said to a family member:  It’s honestly been too long since I’ve spoken to one for me to remember.

One place that makes me happy & why:  Iceland, because it’s the last place I remember being where I felt like all of my stress was a million miles away and I didn’t have to do anything except what I really kinda wanted to do.  That was eleven years ago.

How many blankets I sleep under: One in the summer, four in the winter.

Favorite beverage(s): I have a soft spot for Mandarin-flavored Jarritos.  But mostly I just drink water anymore.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: Wreck-it Ralph

Three things I can’t live without:  Tablet.  Air.  Aforementioned water.

Something I plan on learning: I’d really like to dip my toes into 3D modeling.  I just don’t have the organization skills to make time for it yet.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t get heavy like me, if it can be helped.  I don’t care what those SJW fucks say about loving yourself, being a fatty in this society fucking sucks.

You all have to listen to this song: (The video is cute, too.)

Tags: None, because I have a phobia of pestering people.

Unexciting, I know.

Edited ‘cause apparently my birthday was the entire month of October.  Woo.

I’ve really got to do something about all of this disarray.


Journal: 18 August, 1665 AE, 22:16
Blahblahjournalcrap.  Nothing to see here.  Really.
Just a doodle for an in-character journal.  Figured I’d plop it down here since I guess it technically counts as art. HD
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I hardly think that at this point it’s any huge secret that I’m a rather depressed person.  I’ve been experiencing increased bouts of sadness, frustration or just plain worthlessness lately, and I’m afraid a lot of it’s been bubbling up here on the blog.  I’m sorry for that.
Many times I’ve tried to envision what it looks like.  Most times, it’s just this big, ugly, amorphous creature perched on my shoulders, shouting down everything I do or holding me down and regurgitating all of the awful things I say to myself in the back of my head directly to my face.  Other times, it’s just me.  Only a different me, made of all of the choices I didn’t make in life.  A better, prettier, more successful me that I can no longer attain, and despite how much I try to adhere to logic in my life, I can’t help but wish I could go back and change everything, or put an end to it altogether so that this me - the one sitting in this chair right now, writing this text - wouldn’t exist.
I don’t know if this is drawing is a step in any direction, necessarily, but it’s something I felt I had to ‘put to paper’ or it was going to eat me alive from the inside.  It’s not a graceful drawing, or even one I put much effort into.  It just had to exist.
Sorry again for all the bile lately, folks.  Maybe one of these days I can get back to what’s important.
(full size) HD
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With regard to my earlier post, sorry for that.  I was speaking about a rather rude individual on the bus who decided it was his job to make an unsolicited comment about my appearance.  More or less, he commented that the next time I come out in public I should don a garbage bag so nobody has to ‘see that’.  (Fully clothed, in my work uniform, by the way.)

I may or may not have countered that he should perhaps consider wearing one on his head as I made my exit.

Fortunately I’ve never seen this person on my bus route before, and with any luck I shouldn’t be encountering him again.

Dear very angry man on the bus,

I’m terribly sorry for coming out in public, looking like an eyesore as you so vocally proclaimed. Next time I’ll be sure to remember my garbage bag camouflage. I’m sure nobody will notice me that way.

Fuckin’ people.

In the interest of “gettin’ shit done”, here we have a WildStar commish from sonofdominus of their (now ex) priest, Emilio.
Sorry it took so long, Tawa!  I have no excuse other than the fact that the game ate me alive!
Drop me an ask with your e-mail addy so I can send you a full-res, non-signed version! HD
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My desk chair is dying a slow and painful death, ugh.  Glad I got this lab stool back in February, but damn is it gonna make drawing uncomfortable.

Just when I think I’m starting to get ahead, something else just has to get screwed up.  Guess it’s the way of things.

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