Hey all,
I know I’ve been doing a fair bit of griping about frustration and money issues on this blog lately, but I wanted to take a moment out to let you guys know that I’ll be participating this year in the Extra Life gaming marathon.  For 24 hours, starting at 8am on October 25th, I’m going to be streaming on my Twitch channel to raise money for the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.  I’ve known a number of people who have benefited from treatment at that hospital, and I’d like very much to be able to give a little bit back, if I can.
During that time I’ll mostly be playing WildStar, though I’m going to take one or two hours out to stream Blade Kitten on my team’s channel.  It’s still a month out, but in the meantime, if you’d like to make a pledge toward my campaign, I’d be supremely grateful.  You can click on the image to get to my participant page, or you can click here.  I’ve set a goal of $300, toward my team’s combined goal of $1000.  We’re steadily getting there, but every little bit helps!
Even if you can’t donate, feel free to reblog and spread the word!
Thanks, guys!

I’ve been kinda mum about this because I haven’t wanted to pester people, but, we’re getting down to the wire!  My team has been able to meet their goal of $1000, thankfully, but I still wanna try and do my part!
I know that this is a time of year where a lot of people start asking for money, but seriously, please consider contributing to this!  Children’s Miracle Network does great things, and without them there would be many more families struggling to find proper medical care for their children!
You can find my campaign page here!  And like I said before, even if you can’t donate, a signal boost is always appreciated!  And feel free to join me on October 25th to watch me game myself to death! :) HD
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Weekend Slots Full

Alrighty!  Slots are full for this weekend, but once I get my schedule at work today I’ll try to plan for more.


I will pay you 3 pennies and a ball of lint to draw shorblai


Had a short little stream today to test whether I could stream and record at the same time without dropping too many frames.  It worked well, and I managed to get a rough model sheet of Thiira in her underoos done.
I know in my head what she looks like but I kinda had to establish it once and for all, so I don’t go too far off when I start making multiple paintings of her, ‘cause the more I draw someone, the more they start to kinda…morph.
Alright, off to work.  I’ll be streaming tomorrow, and I intend to get started much earlier.
Thanks to those who stopped by! HD
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» An up and coming guild...


SFC Trading Corporation is open and recruiting!

In the aftermath of Dusksail crew being fired from their jobs of piracy, some of the leftovers have decided to employ themselves by starting a smuggling ring.

Once we’re a little more set up, I’ll be creating events, and I’d also like to invite any…

Awwww yiiiiiiiis, lookit what just arrived from Cali!
Thank you again, cowsgomoose and dragonducklake for enduring the hell of the Mattel line at SDCC to nab these for me!  And sorry my post office is butts!
(God these boxes are huuuuuuuuuuge!) HD
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So I’m Planning My Patreon

Hey, guys!

I’ve done a lot of thinking and re-thinking, and possibly some over-thinking, but I’ve finally come up with an idea for what i want to do for a Patreon campaign.  Many thanks go to zackri, bookofsul, cowsgomoose, winstonthewide and silverruby for listen to me ramble about it, first of all.  You guys have given me valuable advice and encouragement, and have helped me decide to go through with this.

So.  This may be no secret to people, but I’ve always been a fan of classic pinup art, especially Duane Bryers’ Hilda character.  She’s round, she’s fun, and she’s got a lot of personality, and honestly I think I might have based my Thiira off of her just a little, even if solely in spirit.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to turn Thiira into a pinup girl of sorts.  This comes mainly after having drawn this piece featuring Sara, zackri's character…


… and having enjoyed doing it so much.  I like the style, I like the fun of it, and I like being able to get back to something a little more ‘grown-up’ without having to necessarily be dirty about it.

When you get right down to it, this is just something I’d like to be able to do in what spare time that I have.  If I’m able to quit my job at the store because of it?  All the better, but I’m not gonna pin my hopes and dreams on it.  I just want to try and do something relatively low-stress, that’s relatively low-maintenance, and that hopefully people will enjoy.

For this project, I will of course be stripping away Thiira’s WildStar trappings, though I fully intend to inject a lot of the same flavor and humor, and perhaps a little more direct homage in the background every now and again.  She’s an engineer, so expect a lot of engines, machines and techy bits that I’ll be designing as I go.  This is both an exercise in painting the female body as well as bringing concepts from ideas to full-fledged illustrations.

I’m working on the page right now, and thinking the logistics through.  Expected rewards will be things like sketches, high-res PNGs, videos and possibly even PSDs.  I’m also considering a commission tier, but that will have to wait until I have prior work out of the way.  I am also considering allowing backers above a certain tier to nominate characters to guest-star once in a while, but there are logistics there that I must figure out first.

Just figured I’d give you guys a heads-up as to what I’m doing, since I’ve kinda rumbled about Patreon here in the past.  Ya dig?


Thanks again, everyone, for the birthday wishes, the lovely gifts, and for coming to my stream!  This is the best one I’ve had in recent memory!

You guys are the best! <3


Thiira had a birfday.
thefusspot is a sweet wonderful lady &lt;3

Thank you so much!  This is adorable! &lt;3 &lt;3 HD
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Sorry for the huge influx of posts!
I had no idea what I wanted to draw for myself, so I just doodled what came to mind first.
Have lots of Thiira!  And hey!  A Granok!
(Higher res here!) HD
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