Dear very angry man on the bus,

I’m terribly sorry for coming out in public, looking like an eyesore as you so vocally proclaimed. Next time I’ll be sure to remember my garbage bag camouflage. I’m sure nobody will notice me thatway.

Fuckin’ people.

Protip: If I’m on the bus and you’re on the bus, and you’re trying to talk to me and I’m facing pointedly away in an attempt to ignore your weirdo ass, that is NOT an invitation to keep talking to me. Shut the fuck up, mind your own shit and pretend I don’t exist like the rest of humanity does, thanks.



If you were ever interested in applying, EVER, at any point, even if you just kinda thought about it briefly, NOW might be the last chance you have for a while!

I will be closing applications on August 25th for an undisclosed amount of time.

We are about to get hella busy with some potential…

For all the Evindra-based Exile folks out there.  I roll with these cats and they’re awesome as hell.  The events I’ve been able to make it to thus far have been pretty killer, to the extent that I’m actually thinking about planning one of my own sometime down the road.

We’re a pirate-themed guild that places RP above all else, so if you really like an immersive game experience with a buncha peeps who get along well (we shoot the shit OOC in Mumble) seriously give this guild a look.


In the interest of &#8220;gettin&#8217; shit done&#8221;, here we have a WildStar commish from sonofdominus of their (now ex) priest, Emilio.
Sorry it took so long, Tawa!  I have no excuse other than the fact that the game ate me alive!
Drop me an ask with your e-mail addy so I can send you a full-res, non-signed version! HD
b a d c

My desk chair is dying a slow and painful death, ugh.  Glad I got this lab stool back in February, but damn is it gonna make drawing uncomfortable.

Just when I think I’m starting to get ahead, something else just has to get screwed up.  Guess it’s the way of things.

One last one for the night, boys and girls.  Wanted to fit this one in today &#8216;cause tg-i asked about one a fair bit back.
Heeeere&#8217;s Barty! HD
b a d c


Today’s stream is over, but there’ll be others!  It was a huge success, and I wanna thank everyone who liked, reblogged and made a purchase.

I’ve still got a little bit to wrap up, but I’ll post the results later on!

On another note, I just ticked 2100 followers.  Thanks, you guys! <3

Open bank account.  Nearly have heart attack.

Starting to wonder if I should open daily warmup commishes to cushion that thing while I continue to kill my queue.  Sketches or speedpaints or some shit that don’t take more than an hour.

I ‘unno.


Sketches I made for Fusspot, while I was on holiday. There’s Mr Grumperson Kurzek, and Thiira! We both have something for grumpy looking guys I suppose.
Had some color wash on the last image, it got really smeared in my booklet unfortunately. Or well, most of the drawings actually, except the inked ones or which are made with markers.

Goodies from bookofsul!  Ah my god, I&#8217;m dyin&#8217;!  Kurzek looks so delightfully grumpy.  Prolly cuz he missin&#8217; out on what&#8217;s on the right, there.  Heh.  (Man, Thiira would be super-jealous of that tiny waist! XD)
Thanks again, Lady!  They&#8217;re wonderful! HD
b a d c
Back-to-back at the store tonight/tomorrow morning.
Quick-ass sketch &#8216;cause I&#8217;m whatever-ing real friggin&#8217; hard right now. HD
b a d c

Just let me get through today. I’ll work on tomorrow later.

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