Work in progress.
Annnnd off to the store.  Again. HD
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» A Small Fish Needs Some Help.




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I have battled with myself for days over this - distraught, distressed, cried out, tired - and in my best interest and my husband’s I was convinced by him and our remaining supportive family members to do this.

We’re getting kicked out of our only…

Christ Almighty, Tys, I had no idea it was this bad… I’m praying for you so hard, honey. I wish I had more sway with the decisions at work but all I can do is pray! My heart goes out to you. <:[

Everyone, please at least give this good lady’s post a read and signal boost if you have nothing to spare. Her situation is pretty urgent.

Been way too close to being in this sorta situation for comfort in recent days to not reblog.  Just wish I had the means to help beyond signal boosting.

Some warmup doodles before I get cracking on stuff.  I owe bookofsul so many drawings (she&#8217;s drawn Thiira so many times already!) so I decided to try Andy and Cia.
Stuck too close to the game model on the top-left one, but I like the others. :3 HD
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Holy crap, you guys.  I kinda wanted to plan soemthing sorta special for this milestone, but the recent uptick caught me off guard something fierce.  Plus, things have been more than a little surreal around here lately with game projects and store issues and backlog, so I apologize for the general lack of activity lately.

Don’t know where 90% of you came from or why you stuck around, but thank you.  You guys make this whole blogging thing worthwhile. :D

(And to the anon who sent me an ask about a week ago, thank you. :)  Sorry for not answering publicly, I just like to hang onto nice messages like that.)

I dunno, you guys.  I was really tempted to keep this one. HD
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Due to&#8230;certain developments, this pair is not as solid as I&#8217;d originally intended.  But I couldn&#8217;t not finish this drawing.  It&#8217;s been driving me nuts.
Man, do I hate guns. HD
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Thiira&#8217;s mugshot.
Assily colored a doodle I&#8217;ve had sitting around for a couple of months, now.
Damn you, WildStar.  Invading my thoughts. HD
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Welp, we (Double Cluepon) just announced our newest project over on the company blog.
Go on and take a look! :) HD
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No way in hell I&#8217;m gonna be able to finish this shit before Headstart with all the other stuff I have to do, but progress is progress. HD
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ral-across-the-universe posted this prompt earlier, so I couldn&#8217;t resist doodling it:
"Due to Eldan technology hijinks, your character is now an alternate race and/or race of the alternate faction. What are they, and how do they react?"
Decided that poor Gaignan would make a perfect victim for Aurin-ization.  Now to keep him from shooting himself.

(I realize MAG pistols don&#8217;t have hammers, or any other sort of traditional firing mechanism for that matter, but hey.) HD
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And here, you see the beginnings of Thiira&#8217;s descent into becoming the &#8216;Crazy Aurin Lady of Algoroc&#8217;.  (She&#8217;s lucky.  I&#8217;m sure Rave would never allow it.)
Gurl, u such an enabler. HD
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Commission delivery for pujface!  Alt lookin&#8217; smug over Kel.
Long, long overdue, but a blast to work on nonetheless! &lt;3
Thanks again! HD
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(full resolution)

I&#8217;ll spare you guys the story junk that goes with this.
One last bit of joy-drawing, now it&#8217;s back to work on work. HD
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