Little stress-relief comic in response to something that happened in-game.
(And in direct response to this post.)
I haven’t touched the webcomic format in aaaaaaaages.  It was kinda fun. HD
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There are always obstacles and challenges we must face here at Double Cluepon on a daily basis. From protecting oneself against the Gremmies’ shenanigans to throwing profanities at the Photoshop trolls, not one instance is ever a moment’s rest— including lunchtime.

Studio life as told by a former intern who officially joined the company as an artist this year.  (Bailey is such a shark.) HD
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Are you sad you weren’t able to attend gamescom last month? Are you distraught you couldn’t grab those sweet gamescom items? Well cheer up!
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*Complete rules and prize info here.

I have zero shame. HD
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[ CHARACTER BIO: Gaignan - EVINDRA ]    Name: Gaignan (formerly of clan Bladebreaker)    Nicknames: None.  If you try to call him ‘Guy’, expect some free “dental work” in return.    Gender: Male    Race: Draken    Age: 29    Place of Birth:  Cassus.  He has never been to Mikros.    Residence: A fairly elaborate house he built for himself on the most distant piece of land he could manage.    Occupation: On the ‘legit’ side of things, he bills himself as a carpenter, taking advantage of his particular attention to detail to build furniture for himself and those who pay him to do so.  On the ‘not-so-legit’ side, he spends his spare time chasing bounties or offering himself up as a hired gun or a bodyguard for those with pockets deep enough to keep him appeased.    Criminal Record: He has no real ‘crimes’ on his record, per se.  However, his abandonment of his clan is seen as the highest of insults, and he is being actively sought so that he can receive the proper punishment for this.    Drink | Smoke | Drugs: He drinks socially (although he’s not overly social), does not smoke, and does not do hard drugs.
    ———————————-    [ PHYSICAL ]    Height/Weight: He stands at an ‘imposing enough’ 7 feet when standing straight, 6’6” when assuming a more natural stance.  Weight-wise, he clocks in around 250 pounds, making him a fair bit smaller than the rest of his kin, though still larger than most humans.    Hair colour: Bright orange.
    Eye colour: Brighter orange.    Skin tone: Purple.    Body type: He’s fairly average for one of his kind.  He stays on the slender side for the sake of mobility, but not to the point where he can be called ‘skinny’.    Other: He prefers ‘fancier’ clothes than his brethren, dressing more like a Cassian than a Draken in most cases.    Health status: Extremely physically fit.  He stays active and works hard, so he’s got pretty solid endurance.  Exploration is one of his few joys in life, and he relishes the challenges that come with it.    Scars: One - An old bullet wound in his right shoulder from when one of his charges accidentally shot him on a hunting expedition.    Strengths: He’s good with his hands and better with his MAG pistols.  He’s got a sharp eye for detail that lends itself well to both of the kinds of work he does.    Weaknesses:  He’s decidedly neutral.  While not a weakness in itself, as a ‘loyal’ member of the Dominion, this often has a tendency to land him in hot water.  He also displays a certain lack of conscience.  He has little remorse for the things he does to others, seeing nothing wrong in collecting a paycheck for delivering people into the hands of those who would do them harm.    ———————————-    [ RELATIONS ]    Parents: Mother and father, both still living, both of whom are still faithful to the noble family his former clan serves.  He sees them all as weaklings with no true direction in life because they stay loyal to such an old, tired blood debt.    Siblings: One brother and two sisters, all of whom he’s left behind on Cassus.
Extended Family: One cousin, Mayaya, who has followed him to Nexus without his knowing.    Children: None that he knows of, and he doesn’t particularly care to sire any.    Pets: None.    Affiliations: None worth mentioning.    Relationship status: Single.    ———————————-    [ PERSONAL ]    Likes: Guns, woodworking, ‘chill’ people, hunting, exploration.    Dislikes: Noisy places, nosy people, cold weather.    Hates: Highborn Cassians, surprises.    Fears: His biggest fear of all is that his clan will track him down and drag him back home, where he would most likely face death as the punishment for abandoning them.    Triggers: No major ones, though he doesn’t take kindly to people sneaking up on him.    Orientation: Straight, potentially polyamorous unless he finds someone he deems worthy of his undivided attention. HD
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What do you like to see in a Patreon?

I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing a Patreon in the past, and now that I’m edging closer to my personal deadline for getting out of retail, the matter is becoming all the more pressing.  Thing is, I don’t really have that much of anything to offer folks at this point.  I don’t do comics.  I don’t do a lot of ‘finished’ illustrations (and won’t until my old work is out of the way, which I’m working on daily).

I do concept art, though.  I love concept art.  And after seeing a book like Substrata come out, I’m wondering if there’s anything to just making ideas for the sake of making ideas; a cohesive effort of sorts to create for some hypothetical ‘game’ with the end goal just being a collection of design materials.

I’ve already considered a bunch of tier bonuses, like wallpapers, brushes, textures, sketch sheets, postcards and stuff, but if there are any other things you folks would potentially like to see, I’m all ears at this point.  Videos are kinda iffy at this point because my machine is a little bit sketch, but if I can save up for a new computer, all the better.

Whatever the case, the last thing I want to do is make one of these and have it not be worthwhile to folks.

Looking at a pile of work, knowing I have to work at the store this evening and all I seem to be able to do is fret.  Nothing’s been coming out right at all.
Drew Thiira to try and get my brain back in some manner of a happy place.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.
The gun is, once again, pure bullshit. HD
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I both love and loathe long weekends. Love because, hey, long weekend. Loathe because, it’s just enough time to almost forget what the store is like and I feel sick to my gut going back.

Today’s stream didn’t go as smoothly as I’d wanted, so I put a bit of extra into this one to make up for it.
It’s been ages since I’ve drawn a night elf.  Man. HD
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» Wildstar RP


OOC: Hello! I’m looking for tumblr accounts specifically for Wildstar RP. Nothing other than full immersion, maybe some OOC quizzes on the chars and what not, but nothing relating to Real Life mess such as politics/world news/women’s rights, etc. I want some people to follow who…

Thiira ❤ Tanks is chiefly an IC journal for my Exile main.  There’s only an occasional OOC post but it always has to do with WildStar.

In the interest of rolling with the punches and keeping my eyes forward…
[ CHARACTER BIO: Thiira - EVINDRA ]    Name: Thiira Kellerman    Nicknames: None, though she was often called ‘Grumpel-butt’ in high school.    Gender: Female    Race: Human, Exile    Age: 26    Place of Birth: Cassus    Residence: A derelict ship crash surrounded by a rickety, hand-built hangar on a chunk of land bought from Protostar.  For money!    Occupation: Grease monkey.  Up until a few months ago she was a tank/warbot mechanic for the Dominion, but these days she spends her time working on smaller things, like guns.  She also occasionally dabbles in the creation of children’s toys.    Criminal Record: Up until her ultimate exit from the Dominion, she had a pretty clean record, as long as you don’t count the many fights she’d gotten into.  Now she’s branded as a traitor (though not of her own will) with a pretty little price tag tied to her head.    Drink | Smoke | Drugs: She drinks socially, smokes fairly often (though she tries to stick to an e-cig) and as far as drugs go, she’s never done any knowingly.
    ———————————-    [ PHYSICAL ]    Height/Weight: She stands at 5’8”, but her weight tends to fluctuate depending on her moods.  Typically she hovers around 210-220 pounds, but it’s been known to dip severely when she goes on a bout of not eating.    Hair colour: Dark brown, nearly black
    Eye colour: Aquamarine    Skin tone: Pale peach    Body type: Fairly curvy, though she’s thicker in the middle than she’d like.  Still, for all the hard work she does, there’s a lot of muscle underneath all of the padding.    Other: She tends to stay pretty quiet unless she’s directly addressed, at which point she has no qualms about mouthing off.  Some see it as a personality flaw.  To her, it’s a defense mechanism.    Health status: Pretty fit, at least physically.  She does have a nervous tic that causes her to crack her neck at inopportune times, however.    Scars: She has one prominent scar on her left cheek which runs from just beneath her eye to the side of her mouth.  She also has a series of three faint scars running across the small of her back.    Strengths: She’s a hard worker, dedicated to her craft and eager to experiment with technology.  She’s also got a fair bit of physical strength to her, making her a reasonably formidable opponent in a fight.    Weaknesses:  She’s cripplingly shy around new people, to the point where she may just plain ignore a stranger even if they’re simply trying to make small talk.  She also has a hard time with precise weaponry.  Scatter guns and cannons are her bread and butter, but give her a pistol or anything that requires finer aim, and more than likely her tic will throw her off.    ———————————-    [ RELATIONS ]    Parents: She left her father and mother back on Cassus.  She still has fond memories of her father, who basically instilled in her a love of working with her hands.  Her mother, however, had always been a social climber.  She constantly aimed higher than her station in life, leading her to ignore both husband and child in the pursuit of a slice of high society that she could never truly attain.  Thiira holds no shortage of contempt for her in this regard.    Siblings: None.    Children: None, and if things keep going for her as they currently are, there won’t be any in the cards for her.    Pets: Not unless bots count.    Affiliations: She has a loose affiliation with FCON.  She’s also been seen doing work for the Dusksail Marauders    Relationship status: It’s…complicated.    ———————————-    [ PERSONAL ]    Likes: Bots, guns, drinking, alone time.  She’s also developed something of an interest in Draken culture, despite her current situation.    Dislikes: Wildly positive people (which means most Aurin), crowds, social events, anyone talking about her weight.    Hates: Highborn Cassians, the Dominion military.    Fears: Feeling useless, dying alone.    Triggers: People directly poking fun at her body.  Nothing’ll send her into the fetal position faster.    Orientation: Straight as an arrow. HD
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Sorry for the huge knee-jerk there. I understand why NCSoft/Carbine is doing what they’re doing. Really, I do.

I guess the point after the merge is going to have to be trying to do my best to support the RP community as I can. I’m not pleased with the megaserver news by any…

Heh.  Frankly, this is one of the better reactions I’ve seen thrown about thus far.

Sorry for the huge knee-jerk there.  I understand why NCSoft/Carbine is doing what they’re doing.  Really, I do.

I guess the point after the merge is going to have to be trying to do my best to support the RP community as I can.  I’m not pleased with the megaserver news by any means, but if it’s a choice between playing the game or having no game to play at all, I guess I’ll take the megaserver.  Beyond that it’s doing what I can to make sure the community thrives.

I just see a lot of shouting and not much communication right now, and I admit I did a fair part of the former.  I’ve just got a lot of frustration in real life right now, and seeing turmoil in the one game I’ve taken to playing has me irritated.

So, sorry.

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