This one spanned a few breaks, but I got it done.   I decided to jump in on a challenge over at WSRP where we’re supposed to Caretaker-ize our characters.  Chose Gaignan for this one because I just kinda felt like drawing a Draken in a hood.  Wasn’t sure what color to make him at first, but the red really kinda matches his grouchiness.
Check the thread out here. All of the drawings are pretty flippin’ nifty! HD
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Sorry for all the WildStar doodles lately, folks.  I just haven’t been this excited about any game in a long, long time.
My stalker this time.  I may color her when I have less I need to do. HD
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Here’s another break-time drawing for one of the WSRP folks.  Their Draken Warrior by the name of Kalric Stormblood. HD
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Just a quick warmup doodle of a bud’s Chua character, Roscoe.  I had a mighty need to draw one eating crowncorn for some reason.
Larger version. HD
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View WildStar’s UI 2.0 Patch Notes
Sucks that I won’t be able to give my Mechari a number-name anymore, but damn it, if they do the body types right I do believe I’m going to be thoroughly smitten. HD
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In Thiira, I see a person who grew up heavy-set in a society filled with image-conscious people.  She developed a deep sense of distrust for her fellow Cassians - one that she carried with her into the Military where they treated her about as she expected.  Fights were an everyday occurrence that more often than not ended with her being trounced by uneven odds.  But not once did she see fit to back down.
She managed to develop something of a bond with Kurzek, a fellow soldier.  More than anything, he respected her strength and persistence, and he despaired at seeing her regularly knocked down by men he considered to be cowards.
He patched her up as he could, but at the end of the day, it was she who had to reassure him that things were going to be all right.

In lieu of a gif, process images can be seen at the image’s page on CGHub (CGHUB IS DEAAAD).  Full-res sketch here.
(Sweet, salted taffy, it’s done.)
(Quick edit to fix his thumb.) HD
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Started painting it, cuz I’m crazy. HD
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Was trying to doodle my spellslinger, but I’ve got too much crap going on in my head.  The pose is way too static for what I wanted, and I know for a fact I won’t be able to finish anytime soon, so I’ll just put this monstrosity up here now. HD
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When WildStar comes out, I’m making only one character on a PvP server. He will be a Mechari, and his name will be SCOT95 for the benefit of every poor retail fucker who’s ever had to work a self-checkout yard.

Did I mention that I’m just fuckin’ done with this place?

See you guys in June.


Commission for thefusspot of her awesome character Gatlyn!

Didn’t she just turn out peaches?! :D  God I love that smile.
Go check out the rest of onone-chan’s work and give ‘er a follow! HD
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Sometimes I have decent sketch days.
Today was an indecent one.
For zackri, cuz he’s my artbro. (He’s running a Patreon for his comic, BTW!)
Gonna go ahead and mark this one NSFW, just to be safe. HD
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Desert environment with small village.  2014

Filling in the holes in my portfolio, bit by bit.  I probably sould have more going on in the middle, but it’s meant to be a pretty desolate area. HD
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So, the NDA on the WildStar beta has officially been lifted.  Allow me to gush uncontrollably about how much I’m loving this game.

If there’s anyone else out there in the RP community planning to play, feel free to hit me up.  I’ll be rolling a Draken and an Exile Human at launch.  Additionally, if you happen to be in the Beta, you can go ahead and add me as ‘Gaignan’ on the Dominion side.

itemsguy: Spellslinger/Explorer, yo.

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